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My name is Yarrow  – I am a web designer, tech fairy, non-annoying online marketing consultant and the founder of Yarrow Digital.

I am creating intentional, authentic websites for small businesses, creatives, healers, coaches and artists. Our work at Yarrow Digital centers sustainability and builds a solid foundation for our clients to grow their businesses, connect with their dream clients and get noticed. Affordable custom WordPress sites that are easy to manage and grow are at the core of what we offer, but we can also help you with your social media strategy, online course development, launches and tech support. Check out our web design packages, the business mentoring we offer and the hourly tech, design and launch support you can receive. 

If you would like to learn how to start a business on solid ground with a clear vision, how to dream up your own branding, create a WordPress site for yourself and develop your first online course then you should check our affordable DIY Small Business School out.

On the blog and podcast you will also find useful how to guides, some background stories from my own business, interviews and free resources to help you develop a digital strategy that is honest, authentic, generous and true to your visions.

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Our Values

Transparent, authentic and kind marketing

Abundance and care for everyone involved instead of fake scarcity

Systems that are sustainable and supportive

Wild creativity rather than cookie cutter businesses

Accessibility and collaboration for resilient communities


Beautiful custom built WordPress sites


A solid framework that grows with your business


Training so that you can easily update and edit your site if you want to


Lots of hand holding and heartfelt support

What if your main goal in business was to feel good? 

What if you could feel truly supported with all the tech stuff? 

Blog + Podcast

Podcast #13 My interview with Katie Dutcher on mindfulness and meditation in business

Hey folks,

I am delighted to share another interview with you today – I spoke to the wonderful Katie Dutcher who is a mindfulness and meditation teacher as well as a small business owner with really interesting stories and perspectives to share. Here is what we talked about:

  • Boundaries and self-worth in business
  • Mindfulness practices for more clarity
  • The many ways in which our businesses evolve over time
  • Dealing with stress as an entrepreneur
  • Transitioning out of employment and being intentional with finding new communities and support

Katie is a teacher of mindfulness and meditation. She founded Flourish & Bloom to coach individuals who are interested in being more present and living with intention. (Her work especially resonates with introverts, HSPs, and recovering people-pleasers.)

Katie is the author of two workbooks that combine teaching, audio meditations, and reflective writing prompts: “Transform Your Relationship to Anxiety” and “Courage Amidst Uncertainty.”

She is a founding teacher at Monterey Bay Meditation Studio in Pacific Grove, California, where she offers courses and retreats on self-compassion, anxiety, courage, strategies for introverts and Highly Sensitive People, and other topics pertaining to well-being. Katie believes that cultivating greater awareness in each moment is key to living a more satisfying life, and her teaching emphasizes authenticity, presence, vulnerability, and curiosity.

Katie’s website:

Monterey Bay Meditation Studio website:

Find Katie’s short teachings and meditations (a new one most every Wednesday morning) at

Follow Katie on Instagram at


You can learn more about the DIY Small Business School and become a Patreon here:

Here is more info about the business mentoring program I mentioned:


Podcast #12 My interview with Sophy Dale about story telling as a powerful tool in business

Hey everyone, happy Monday!

I am delighted to send another interview your way today – this time with the wonderful Sophy Dale. I really want to bring you more true and real stories from folks who created beautiful businesses while also working with some limitations, so it feels great to actually chat about the stories we tell and how powerful they can be in this episode!

Here is what Sophy and I talked about:

  • Writing as an empowering creative practice for entrepreneurs
  • Changing directions while staying true to our passions and values
  • Meeting our own needs for supportive, sustainable working conditions
  • Why understanding our own story and telling it in powerful ways is so important
Sophy Dale is an editor turned business mentor. She works with creative entrepreneurs on their overall strategy and is a messaging and writing coach, helping them uncover the story at the heart of their business, so they can be known for being who they really are. She also runs the Creatively Connected community, which offers both business and writing support.
Here is the sign up for the free workshop I mentioned in the intro:
And here is more info on the tech, strategy and design support I am offering:

Podcast #11 My interview with Elinor Predota on building a business beyond and against capitalism

Hey everyone,

I am so beyond excited to bring you my first interview for the DIY Small Business podcast with the wonderful Elinor Predota! Elinor was also on the Daydreaming Wolves podcast and has such beautiful insights to share about what it means to build businesses that are aligned with our values. Here is what we talked about:

  • Building a small business against and beyond capitalism
  • Elinor’s background of working in cooperatives
  • The emotional labour involved in re-thinking our relationship to power and leadership
  • Ways of building sustainable and regenerative communities and how that is related to how we trade with each other
  • Personal freedom and collective liberation
  • Cycles and transformations in business instead of constant growth

Elinor supports people who long to make action for social justice an everyday part of their life and work, but who feel stuck, confused, or overwhelmed, to build their inner resources of resilience, awareness of self, society and environment, and confidence.

Elinor offers one to one, group and DIY programmes which are grounded in a long and wide-ranging background in activism, community development, spiritual counselling, ritual work, storytelling, and facilitation of learning. Elinor’s work is rooted in the magic of creativity, of relating across difference, and of becoming alive to all that is present, within and without us, here and now.

Here is the link to the Business Beyond Capitalism conversations Elinor is offering:

Here is Elinor’s website: and this is her Patreon:

You can learn more about the DIY Small Business School + Community here:


Podcast #10 Growing a Patreon to support your business

Hey folks,

I am excited to be back with another episode! As we speak there are 155 of you supporting me through my Patreon, which is the reason I can offer super affordable courses, free online workshops and two podcasts with tons of free resources. I can’t tell you how much that means to me!

So in this episode I am talking about how I grew my Patreon, what my tech set up is and how it felt to get started. But more importantly I am also sharing more than ten different things you could offer to grow your Patreon and I am suggesting a ton of different introvert-friendly option for promoting yours. This might work for all kinds of business models – product based, mainly online or offline or service based!

Here is my Patreon:

And here is the sign up for free regular workshops:


Podcast #9 Building community in business

Hey folks,

I am back on the podcast after my little holiday break!

Building community is my main focus for 2019 and I just moved all my programs over to Mighty Networks, so it made total sense to kick things off with a ramble on these things. If you also feel you want to build more community and connection around your business this episode is for you!  Listen to learn about:

  • How my understand of community in business has changed over the years and why it takes time to unlearn competition
  • What tools and software I am using to facilitate online communities
  • Why I think Patreon is a great way to build a mutually supportive network
  • What services and programs I am offering in 2019

Here is the tech and strategy support I mentioned for those who need some help setting themselves up for an amazing year:

Here are my web design packages:

Here is the sign up for upcoming free workshops:

And here is my Patreon:

Podcast #8 Business Planning for 2019

Hey friends,

this is the last episode for 2018 – thank you so so much for all your support so far! Next year in addition to these solo episodes I’ll be interviewing wonderful small business owners who are doing things differently and I can’t wait to share those conversations with you!

This week I am talking about business planning for 2019 after running a really cool online workshop on this last week. Tune in to hear about: 

  • What my year in business was like and what I learned
  • How I’ve managed to built community and run more than 20 free live workshops
  • What an ICA is and why it’s worth defining one for 2019
  • How you can make sure to set goals that go beyond numbers, that feel good and that are sustainable
  • Why journaling for business feels so good and important to me

Here is the DIY Business Magic Mastermind starting January 20th that I mentioned:

Here is my Patreon:

And here are some of the journaling prompts I spoke about:

  • Who are you serving
  • What is your ICA struggling with?
  • What is accessible to them?
  • Where are they hanging out?
  • What products or services are you most excited about creating?
  • What makes you hold back or feel jealous?
  • What motivates you the most?
  • What does your body need?
  • How are you feeling about your prices and the accessibility of your work?
  • How much do you need in order to feel safe?
  • What would you like to reinvest into your business?

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