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My name is Yarrow  – I am a web designer, tech fairy, sustainable online marketing consultant and the founder of Yarrow Digital.

I am creating intentional, authentic websites for small businesses, creatives, healers, coaches and artists. Our work at Yarrow Digital centers sustainability and builds a solid foundation for our clients to grow their businesses, connect with their dream clients and get noticed. Affordable custom WordPress sites that are easy to manage and grow are at the core of what we offer, but we can also help you with your social media strategy, online course development, launches and tech support. Check out our web design packages and hourly tech, design and launch support. 

If you would like to learn how to start a business on solid ground with a clear vision, how to dream up your own branding, create a WordPress site for yourself and develop your first online course then you should check our affordable online programs out – they are amazing for small business owners and freelancers on a budget.

On the blog and podcast you will also find useful how to guides, some background stories from my own business and free resources to help you develop a digital strategy that is honest, authentic, generous and true to your visions.

Take a look around and get in touch if you have any wishes!



Our Values

Transparent, authentic and kind marketing

Abundance and care for everyone involved instead of fake scarcity

Systems that are sustainable and supportive

Wild creativity rather than cookie cutter businesses

Accessibility and collaboration for resilient communities


Beautiful custom built WordPress sites


A solid framework that grows with your business


Training so that you can easily update and edit your site if you want to


Lots of hand holding and heartfelt support

What if your main goal in business was to feel good? 

What if you could feel truly supported with all the tech stuff? 

Blog + Podcast

Podcast #6 How to build your newsletter list and why that’s so important

Hey business dreamers,

it’s already Monday and time for another episode! This week I spoke about something that is super close to my heart – helping people build a solid newsletter list! Tune in to hear about:

  • Why I think this is so important for your independence as a business owner
  • My thoughts about social media vs. newsletters
  • How to choose the right newsletter provider
  • Making sure you shout about it from the roof tops without being annoying
  • Free things you can offer as an incentive to sign up
  • Other newsletter building strategies I love

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DIY Courses

Podcast #5 Generosity and boundaries in business

Welcome back! I am super happy to bring you another DIY Business Magic solo episode about generosity and boundaries in business. In this one I am sharing:

  • How I stopped saying yes to everything and kept my work accessible at the same time
  • Why I believe sharing your skills is totally safe and totally beautiful
  • How I manage to offer free content year round rather than just when I have something to sell
  • How we can rethink funnels
  • How I create win-win situations that don’t deplete me
  • What boundaries I draw around my work and energy

I hope this is useful to you! I want to say that this is definitely not the only way to do things and also that I hope you don’t feel any pressure to make free stuff available too. We’re all in different spaces and my intention is just to share what works for me.

Here is the sign up for the Business Planning for 2019 workshop I mentioned:

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Podcast #4 Social Media and Online Marketing for Introverts

Happy Monday!

I am sending a new episode on online marketing and social media for introverts your way today, which is based on a free workshop I recently ran. I know so many of us feel resistance around this and imposter syndrome is sadly totally normal, so I wanted to share my best tips and tools. Listen if you want to learn:

  • How to indentity where exactly your resistance around sharing your work is coming from
  • How you can use free tools and automations to make the process easier
  • How you can draw clear boundaries around your time and privacy
  • How you can find the right spaces and communities for your message
  • How a clear and consistent visual language can help you feel more confident online
  • How you can set realistic and authentic goals for your business


Here is the free online workshop on business planning for 2019 that I mentioned:

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And here are the tools I mentioned:

Podcast # 3 What is branding and why would you want it?

Hey friends,

it’s Monday and I’d like to send another mini business lesson your way as we start the week. This one is all about branding – about what is actually is, what it can mean for you and about how you can get clear on your ideas. I am also sharing a bunch of practical, mostly free tools that you can use to create an authentic and consistent visual language for your small business so that people immediately understand what your message is and have an easier time recognising and remembering you.

Here are the resources I talked about:

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Podcast #2 How to get started teaching online courses

Hey business babes,

I already have a new DIY Business Magic episode for you, this one is all about getting started with online courses. Don’t worry, I am not gonna tell you how to make six figures in three month. Instead I am sharing:

  • The pros and cons of sharing your skills online
  • The mistakes I made over the years
  • The details of my current tech/software set up and why I love it
  • How I moved away from launching towards building long term, mutually supportive relationships through Patreon

Let me know if you have any questions at all!

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DIY Business Magic podcast episode #1 is here – my business story, values and ideas for the podcast

Hey beautiful being,

this feels like the first day of school all over again and I am so happy you’re on board!

My name is Yarrow – I am a web designer and ethical marketing consultant as well as a plant magic enthusiast and I am here to support small business owners and freelancers on their journey.

In this first episode I am talking about my business stories, my values and my ideas for the podcast. Tune in to hear how 16 year old me wanted to be just like Carry Bradshaw and how I moved from publishing awkward poetry to starting a web design studio. I am also sharing how I worked full time while studying full time, how that lead to burn out and how I ended up living on a farm looking after five kids part time to pursue my dreams of becoming a chillionaire (someone who has a creative, peaceful life basically) before my Saturn return shook me big time and landed me right where I am today.

Here is the official “podcast bio”:

DIY Business Magic is a podcast on sustainability, radical creativity and kindness for small business owners and freelancers. Here are some of the questions we’ll talk and dream about:

  • How can our small businesses support us in building healthy and intentional lives?
  • What could inclusive and accessible offerings that create abundance for everyone involved look like?
  • What do our businesses have to teach us about boundaries and self-worth?
  • Are there more ethical and fairer ways of trading with each other?

Subscribe to receive a mix of bite sized minisodes with how to guides and business stories as well as deep dive interviews with entrepreneurs who found a way to do things differently.

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