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So a question I get a look is “Which WordPress theme should I choose?” and I can totally relate to the confusion. I have build and re-build my own website with four different premium themes before I found my sweet spot and I have used High End, Creativo, Divi and Headway for my clients.

Here are the questions I would recommend you ask yourself before making a decision:

  • Are you willing to teach yourself the ins and outs of a flexible drag & drop builder? When you search the market you will notice that there are plenty of drag & drop builder themes out there – think of them as a blank canvas with modules and plug ins that will help you build your ideal website from scratch. In comparison to other themes that provide you with a set layout the backend of a drag & drop builder will be a bit more complex, but the flexibility might be totally worth it for you.
  • Is the theme you are looking at mobile responsive? This is pretty much non-negotiable because now that more and more traffic is coming from smartphones and tablets, you want to make absolutely sure that your website looks great on any device.
  • Will you build a web shop in the future? This might not be on your to do list right now, but it would be sad if you had to start from scratch because your theme is not compatible with the plug in of your choice, like Woo Commerce
  • Are you planning to run courses or a membership platform? In that case you also want to make sure your theme is compatible with the plug you want to use. You could also run your course off-site, more on this here.
  • Will you get amazing support? This one is often overlooked, but you want to make sure that you get good support for a premium theme and that the documentation is understandable and straightforward. See if you can find the support forum for the themes that interest you and check how long it usually takes for people to get answers.

In addition its obviously important that your theme is a great fit for your industry and that your website can grow as you do. My personal favourites for my web design projects are High End and Divi, mainly because the support is great, they are mobile responsive, highly flexible and very functional.

If you found a website that you really love, you can use this tool to check which WordPress theme has been used to build it.

When you are looking at prices, note that some charge a one-off fee while others charge a yearly membership fee.

Let me know if you have any questions, I would love to hear from you!


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