Hello honey!

I know from experience that even the most experiences WordPress users run into problems every now and then, bummer! I would still say its the most user-friendly, amazing and flexible platform out there, so don`t be shy and face those tech dragons! Here are my top tips for trouble shooting any WordPress issues:

  1. See if you have any open updates to do (top bar, left side). If there are any common problems, updates will often resolve them automatically. Make sure you have an up to date back up though, just in case.
  2. Try deactivating any plug ins that might cause a conflict with other plug ins or your theme. You can then re-activate them one by one and see if a specific one has caused the problem
  3. If you have a premium theme, contact the support. Most likely there will be a forum in which you can search for answers as well, which means you don`t even have to wait for a response, hurray!
  4. Google the problem – okay, this sounds like total common sense, but the internet is so huge and magical, it has brought me hundreds of solutions to problems I thought only I had
  5. Search the WordPress support forum – this can feel a bit overwhelming, but if you know what you are looking for, then it can be really helpful.

…I hope one of these steps has solved your problem!

I have also written about choosing the right WordPress theme and making your WordPress site safer, which might help you avoid these pesky problems in the first place.

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