So we all want to grow our email list because its an amazing way to stay in touch and engage people, right? Yes!

This week I talked with several clients about how to best deliver an opt in offer. Below I will also chat a bit about how to create an awesome opt in offer, but I think this should actually become another blog post with more depth.

Here are the steps I recommend:

  1. Sign up for a newsletter provider. There are loads these days – I think the most important aspect is that you like the backend, that there is good customer support and that the price is a good fit for where you´re at in your business. Up to 2500 contacts are often free. I have recently switched to Ontraport and I totally love it, but you might not need that just yet.
  2. Upload your opt in offer into your WordPress library – simply log into your dashboard, then head to media – add new. Now once the upload is done, you will get a nice link that you can place into your welcome email for the download. Note that if your opt in offer is a larger video file, I would recommend to not host it on your WordPress account as it can slow the page speed down. Instead consider uploading it as an unlisted video to Youtube.
  3. Write a nice welcome email! Thank people for signing up, let them know what to expect (how often will you email etc) and guide them towards the most relevant content. I am showing my most popular blog posts in my welcome email and am letting people know how they can work with me or connect on social media. With some newsletter providers you have to check a box that enables the welcome email.
  4. Add you download link – it could say something along the lines of “As promised, here is your killer pdf” and then simply add a hyperlink leading to the download on your WordPress media library. And you are done!

That was easy, right? But its so important!

In case you are still working on your opt in offer, here are a few tips:

  • Solve a problem! Listen closely to the stuff that keeps coming up for people and guide them to a solution
  • If you want to create a beautiful pdf, use Canva templates – they are really beautiful and very easy to use. I have a free training here.
  • Make sure your opt in offer is a really great match for your target audience. Note also that I should take my own advice and update mine, haha.
  • Follow up – create an email sequence that checks in with people one or two weeks after the initial sign up so you can see how they got on and invite them to ask you questions

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