Hey sweethearts,

this week I wanted to share something sweet and simple that saves me tons of time on social media. As you might or might not know I love LOVE love my instagram account and have connected with some incredible people over there.  Twitter – cool, but not so much my thing. I don`t want to leave Twitter out, but I also don`t want to spend a ton of time on it as its just not as pretty, you see what I mean?

So! I am using IFTTT.com to connect my channels. Whenever I am posting on instagram, a new image tweet appears and I am adding a new image to my Facebook page as well. All you have to do is sign up for free, connect your channels and then create a “recipe” that posts from instagram to Twitter.

Despite not being the biggest fan, I have grown my Twitter account to 3k followers, which I think is not bad and pretty effortless. One thing to remember is that Twitter only allows for 140 signs, so your longer instagram posts might be cut short. I still think it works well, especially if you images speak for themselves, even without a long caption.

Try it and let me know how it goes!

Love always,


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