Hey sweethearts,

many people ask me how to best get started with branding and I know many of you sometimes feel a little stuck. I get it – branding is important. It should be fun, authentic, meaningful, easy on the eye and kind of consistent, right? Even on a super tight budget it really doesn`t have to be hard! Here are my best tips:

Ask yourself some deep questions first! Make some notes on one or more of the following prompts:

  • How do you want people to feel when they first discover you?
  • What kind of branded media will you create – a website, business cards, online courses, email footers, and social media graphics perhaps?
  • Are there trends in your industry that you might want to reflect?
  • What do you love about other people`s branding and why?

As a next step, try to gather as much inspiration as you can. You might want to check out my portfolio or my Pinterest branding board. If you like you can start your own branding board and bring colours, fonts and images that you like together to see if a vision emerges.

As you begin to nail things down it might be a good idea to start with colours. If you have seen individual colours or whole palettes you love, you can take a screen shot and then find the colour codes with this tool. If you aren`t sure yet, you may love design seeds as much as I do – its an awesome place to daydream about colours!

Next you might want to look at fonts – most themes come with a bunch of good ones, but you can always add some extra glamour by getting an awesome highlight font. Use them sparingly to keep things readable though! I buy all my fonts from creative market – that way I can download the TTF file and use it in my Canva designs as well.

Finally its time to find images and maybe also design elements that will illustrate your brand further and create a beautiful, well rounded overall image. I love pexels to research free images across different platforms and also use creative market to look for more specific images. Sometimes watercolour design elements can add a finish touch or you might find icons that are just perfect.

Before you bring everything together, I would really recommend to make a “collage” or a mood board of all the elements you picked (perhaps on Canva) and then let it rest for a couple of days before you look at it with fresh eyes. Branding is a commitment – you want to stay consistent and make sure that you use the same colours, fonts and images on all your platforms, so it should be true love.  

If you would like to learn more or need some hand holding, check out my online awesomeness school in which I teach DIY web design and branding on a shoe string!

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