Small, service based businesses are my jam – I love how radically they can change the ways in which we do business and how they enable their owners to create a location independent, beautiful and flexible lifestyle. Starting out is hard when you are trying to establish yourself as an expert in your field, to reach a new audience and to sign up the first few clients. I have grown my combined social media following to about 12k since starting out last year – so I wanted to share what has worked and what was “a challenge”. 

Deciding how much you want to share

A great first step, in my opinion, is to decide how much of your private self you want to share. We are building businesses around ourselves when we offer personal services, so I think this question is vital. Do you want to have separate accounts for your friends and for businesses partners? How much of the behind the scenes are you willing to share? Where are you going to direct people for inquiries? Will your readers hear much about your Big Why or your story?

Concentrating on a few platforms

When Periscope was the latest new thing last year I pushed myself to give it a try because everyone is doing it, but honestly – I was shit at it and it just made me feel super nervous. The idea of live interaction is great, but its not for everyone. I recommend picking 2-3 or a maximum of four platforms and really sticking to them. For me this is instagram, Facebook and to a lesser extend Twitter. instagram is by far my favorite platform because I love love love visuals and telling little stories. I have found great friends and business partners on there and I hope that future clients can get an idea of who I am and what working with me would be like.

I also recently started a podcast which I am madly in love with. Producing videos has always felt quite hard, but audios on the other hand are easy peasy and lots of fun, so I will focus on this lots more in the future. At the end of the day I really think its so much about picking your battles.

Using the right hashtags

I often see people use huge hashtags like #smallbusiness or #healthcoaching (and I have done it too!) which does make sense in a way, but its rarely successful. When there are 456.726 posts on this tag, its highly unlikely that yours will stand out or even be featured. Investing a bit of time in researching smaller hashtags will get you much further and enable you to connect with people who care about what you are offering. Here is a list of tools that can make your search easier.

Being consistent and automising the things that aren`t personal 

There is no need to post every day, but it is a good idea to be consistent. Potential clients finding old accounts on which you haven`t posted anything for months is just not a good first impression. Some people choose to use tools like Buffer to schedule their tweets and Facebook posts, but wether or not that feels “personal” enough is totally up to you. I also recommend IFTTT for cross-posting – I post all my instagram images automatically to Twitter for example and I hope its brightening my feed with some visuals.

If you have any questions or would love some support and encouragement, you are totally welcome in my Facebook group!

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