Hey loved ones,

this week I would love to chat about preparing content for a new site. It might be that you are planning a whole new web presence or just want to get a fresh look – either way, the right preparation is key to let your content shine. I hear from clients who struggle with making a start on this all the time, so I wanted to gather my best tips here. Enjoy!

Get clear on your content

As a first step I would recommend that you think about the pages you need and how you want to set your menu structure up. As a classic example would be Home – About – Work with me – Blog – Contact, but you might want to add pages for media inquiries, a podcast, a shop or perhaps a portfolio or a section for testimonials. I would advice not to overload the site and to be very clear on what is important. Think about what you want to communicate and don`t feel like you have to get everything out there before making a start, very often things grow organically over time.

Think about the user flow

I always ask my clients how they want their visitors to feel and I think its really worth spending some time to map this out properly. Where do you want to draw the visitor`s attention? How will you introduce yourself? What is the most important offering that you want to highlight? How can you make sure you are consistent, inviting and clear rather than overwhelming?

We often overestimate the amount of time people will spend on a new site before they decide wether to close the tab or explore it some more, so its good to be prepared to make a great first impression in seconds. A good tagline is very important for this – in addition to your (business-) name you want to make sure that visitors see what you are all about right away.

The homepage is the trickiest one to write for many people because it has so many functions – you want to give people a good overview of who you are and what you are offering, you want to establish yourself as an expert (with blog posts for example) and you want to let them know how to connect with you. I would always recommend to have a beautiful header image with a headshot and a clear tagline to begin with. Then, once the visitor starts to scroll, they can get to see things like your opt in offer, a short written paragraph on who you are as a teaser to the about page, some blog posts and maybe some links to social media and offerings.

Search for inspiration and get to know your target audience 

What are other people in your industry doing? How can you stand out and find your authentic voice? What speaks to you as a customer or client? (Yes, journal on this!). If you like you could collect a bunch of links that really inspired you and then map out which ideas you might integrate into your own content. Or maybe you can find a few negative examples to make it clear what you want to stay away from. For me things like fake scarcity or fear-based marketing are a real downer.

Make a mind map of buzzwords 

There are some words for me that just open my heart – authenticity, connection, adventure and sustainability are good examples. The more personal the service I am looking for is, the more I want to have a real sense of where the person offering it is coming from. “Learn my five strategies to built your six figure business in 90 days” has kind of a low vibration – six figures feels like an overused phrase, its super generic and might be an empty promise. “Connect with adventurous women who want to support each other in growing an abundant and sustainable business” feels much more authentic and real to me. You get the idea?

I think its a good idea to make a real mind map with the essence of what you want to communicate at the core and then little clusters of buzz words around that core message.

Write one page at a time and get some help

Now that you have prepared so well its time to sit down to do the actual writing…I know this can be hard. I would recommend to do a page at a time over a week – not too much, but also not so little that you might loose focus. Then sleep on everything for a night or two before you ask a close friend or a mastermind buddy for their feedback.

Afterwards I would recommend to go back to what you wrote down for the initial questions we looked at – do you think this will make the visitor feel the way you want them to feel? Does it feel authentic and very you?

Remember nothing is permanent, so its totally fine to put your content up and embrace it as a work in progress!


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