Hey beautiful being,

this feels like the first day of school all over again and I am so happy you’re on board!

My name is Yarrow – I am a web designer and ethical marketing consultant as well as a plant magic enthusiast and I am here to support small business owners and freelancers on their journey.

In this first episode I am talking about my business stories, my values and my ideas for the podcast. Tune in to hear how 16 year old me wanted to be just like Carry Bradshaw and how I moved from publishing awkward poetry to starting a web design studio. I am also sharing how I worked full time while studying full time, how that lead to burn out and how I ended up living on a farm looking after five kids part time to pursue my dreams of becoming a chillionaire (someone who has a creative, peaceful life basically) before my Saturn return shook me big time and landed me right where I am today.

Here is the official “podcast bio”:

DIY Business Magic is a podcast on sustainability, radical creativity and kindness for small business owners and freelancers. Here are some of the questions we’ll talk and dream about:

  • How can our small businesses support us in building healthy and intentional lives?
  • What could inclusive and accessible offerings that create abundance for everyone involved look like?
  • What do our businesses have to teach us about boundaries and self-worth?
  • Are there more ethical and fairer ways of trading with each other?

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