Happy Monday!

I am sending a new episode on online marketing and social media for introverts your way today, which is based on a free workshop I recently ran. I know so many of us feel resistance around this and imposter syndrome is sadly totally normal, so I wanted to share my best tips and tools. Listen if you want to learn:

  • How to indentity where exactly your resistance around sharing your work is coming from
  • How you can use free tools and automations to make the process easier
  • How you can draw clear boundaries around your time and privacy
  • How you can find the right spaces and communities for your message
  • How a clear and consistent visual language can help you feel more confident online
  • How you can set realistic and authentic goals for your business


Here is the free online workshop on business planning for 2019 that I mentioned:


Here is the Patreon you can pledge to if you want to support the podcast and get access to my DIY Business Magic program: https://www.patreon.com/daydreamingwolves

And here are the tools I mentioned:

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