Welcome back! I am super happy to bring you another DIY Business Magic solo episode about generosity and boundaries in business. In this one I am sharing:

  • How I stopped saying yes to everything and kept my work accessible at the same time
  • Why I believe sharing your skills is totally safe and totally beautiful
  • How I manage to offer free content year round rather than just when I have something to sell
  • How we can rethink funnels
  • How I create win-win situations that don’t deplete me
  • What boundaries I draw around my work and energy

I hope this is useful to you! I want to say that this is definitely not the only way to do things and also that I hope you don’t feel any pressure to make free stuff available too. We’re all in different spaces and my intention is just to share what works for me.

Here is the sign up for the Business Planning for 2019 workshop I mentioned:

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