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I am excited to be back with another episode! As we speak there are 155 of you supporting me through my Patreon, which is the reason I can offer super affordable courses, free online workshops and two podcasts with tons of free resources. I can’t tell you how much that means to me!

So in this episode I am talking about how I grew my Patreon, what my tech set up is and how it felt to get started. But more importantly I am also sharing more than ten different things you could offer to grow your Patreon and I am suggesting a ton of different introvert-friendly option for promoting yours. This might work for all kinds of business models – product based, mainly online or offline or service based!

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⋒ Hi, my name is Yarrow and I am your host.

My DIY Small Business podcast explores what it means to build a small business with integrity, joy and anti capitalist values. I interview other small business owners and offer solo episodes in which I am answering questions around tech, strategy, more ethical marketing and creative livelihoods.

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