Hey everyone, happy Monday!

I am delighted to send another interview your way today – this time with the wonderful Sophy Dale. I really want to bring you more true and real stories from folks who created beautiful businesses while also working with some limitations, so it feels great to actually chat about the stories we tell and how powerful they can be in this episode!

Here is what Sophy and I talked about:

  • Writing as an empowering creative practice for entrepreneurs
  • Changing directions while staying true to our passions and values
  • Meeting our own needs for supportive, sustainable working conditions
  • Why understanding our own story and telling it in powerful ways is so important
Sophy Dale is an editor turned business mentor. She works with creative entrepreneurs on their overall strategy and is a messaging and writing coach, helping them uncover the story at the heart of their business, so they can be known for being who they really are. She also runs the Creatively Connected community, which offers both business and writing support.
Here is the sign up for the free workshop I mentioned in the intro:
And here is more info on the tech, strategy and design support I am offering:

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