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I am delighted to share another interview with you today – I spoke to the wonderful Katie Dutcher who is a mindfulness and meditation teacher as well as a small business owner with really interesting stories and perspectives to share. Here is what we talked about:

  • Boundaries and self-worth in business
  • Mindfulness practices for more clarity
  • The many ways in which our businesses evolve over time
  • Dealing with stress as an entrepreneur
  • Transitioning out of employment and being intentional with finding new communities and support

Katie is a teacher of mindfulness and meditation. She founded Flourish & Bloom to coach individuals who are interested in being more present and living with intention. (Her work especially resonates with introverts, HSPs, and recovering people-pleasers.)

Katie is the author of two workbooks that combine teaching, audio meditations, and reflective writing prompts: “Transform Your Relationship to Anxiety” and “Courage Amidst Uncertainty.”

She is a founding teacher at Monterey Bay Meditation Studio in Pacific Grove, California, where she offers courses and retreats on self-compassion, anxiety, courage, strategies for introverts and Highly Sensitive People, and other topics pertaining to well-being. Katie believes that cultivating greater awareness in each moment is key to living a more satisfying life, and her teaching emphasizes authenticity, presence, vulnerability, and curiosity.

Katie’s website: www.katiedutcher.com

Monterey Bay Meditation Studio website: www.montereybaymeditation.com

Find Katie’s short teachings and meditations (a new one most every Wednesday morning) at http://bit.ly/YouTubeFlourish

Follow Katie on Instagram at https://www.instagram.com/weflourishandbloom/


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