Hey everyone,
I hope you’re having a beautiful week and that this interview I am sending your way is a little spark of business joy!
I really loved talking to Jen of Rock Rose Digital and am always so excited to meet other business owners who value connections over numbers and speak honestly about the challenges we’re all facing in one way or another. Here is what we talked about:
  • Transitioning into a new field
  • Relating to social media in intentional ways
  • Finding balance in work and life
  • The importance of prioritising our mental health while building a business
  • Making meaningful connections rather than chasing numbers
Jen Eastwood is a freelance social media marketer, copy writer and tea lover, working under her brand name Rock Rose Digital. She uses her heart-centered marketing approach to help passionate people who live for a cause not applause, grow blossoming purpose-led online communities and intentional sustainable businesses. Jen lives in Shrewsbury, Shropshire, is passionate about mental health, supporting indie businesses and feminism. When she’s not working, she enjoys reading, cooking, and country walks with partner Dave.
You can find out more at www.rockrosedigital.co.uk,

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I am not on social media anymore because I want to focus on creating indy media like my podcasts, compare myself less and spent little time on my phone. This means I have more energy to nurture my communities and make cool things for you!

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