Hey appreciated listeners,

thank you for joining me for another episode! I was really honoured to speak to Andréa Ranae for this one, she is such an inspiration when it comes to leading with integrity and bringing people into much needed, sometimes difficult conversations. Here is what we talked about:

  • Anti-oppression approaches in the coaching world
  • Inclusivity in small businesses
  • Supporting people in making a difference in their communities
  • Showing up as fully human and inviting meaningful conversation
  • Building an online business with integrity and allowing ourselves to delegate and bring in support

Andréa Ranae is a coach, facilitator and teacher who offers practical tools, resources and wisdom that support people with a vision for change to show up with integrity, own their power and practice radical service so that they can make their unique impact on the world. She’s the creator of Liberatory Leadership and Coaching as Activism, the host of her podcast A Call to Serve and the author of Love, Manifesting.



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