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happy new moon! I am delighted to bring you a really cool, delightful and insightful conversation with Ash Reed and Libby Smith about astrology for business, creative flow and team organisational development. It’s been such a great chat with many, many ahas and much nodding along for me. I hope you’ll love listening as much as I did! Here is what we talked about:

  • Utilising astrology for more magic in all aspects of our lives
  • How the stars can support us in making more intentional, successful business decisions and build aligned teams
  • How the moon phase we’re born into might affect us
  • Living with the moon as an accessible gateway to more cyclical living and working

Ash Reed

After a decade of gardening by the moon, astrology shouted at me to use this tool for so much more. A knack with people and hearing them authentically, I have found the science of astrology to be a gateway to offer daily guidance & wisdom. We can honor the universe and use this tool or continue life with blinders on. It is our choice to make.

Libby Smith
With 5 planets in air signs and a stellium in the 10th house of career and calling, Libby spends a lot of time thinking about how to make our work lives better. Throughout the course of her professional and spiritual life, she’s developed skills in three distinct traditions and practices. She’s a an evaluator, facilitator, and educator working at a university in Wisconsin and with her . She takes a soul-aligned approach to working with a wide range of people and organizations seeking transformative change.
You can learn more about Ash & Libby’s work here: 
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Here is the live tarot class I mentioned and 
you can book a free feeler call if you’re interested in working together here.

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