Hey everyone,

happy new year!
How are you feeling about 2020 and your business?

In this episode I am sharing some reflections on 2019 as well as some tools and questions I am using to map out my plans for this year. I really care to go beyond simple number based goals and to feel into what wants to be created in a sustainable, fun and creative way and I also talked a bit about trends and developments I am seeing for 2020.

This is just a preview of the free business roadmap workshop I am running on the 20th, you can sign up for it here: yarrowdigital.com/free-workshops/

Here are the questions I shared to reflect on the past year:
What felt really good last year?
Where do you wish you had more help?
What was decision making like?
What do you want to release?
What are you most proud of?

And finally, here is the link to book a free feeler call if you are interested in working with me in 2020: hello.dubsado.com:443/public/appointment-scheduler/5d87650bebd42163a8b343ee/schedule




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