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happy new year! I am really excited to start as I mean to go on and bring you the first interview of 2020 with another wonderful, inspiring and kind business owner – RC Woodmass! It’s been really great to get to know them and their work and to be involved in the digital agency they have created. Here is what we talked about:

  • The story of how their digital agency Queerit came to be
  • Running a feminist, anti capitalist business
  • Collaborating in a way that is sustainable and fun
  • Moving away from scarcity and creating new kinds of abundance
  • Having a clear message and standing for what we believe in


RC Woodmass (they/them), a trained classical soprano, is a non-binary lesbian now working in tech. For the last three years they have immersed themself in the tech sector, co-leading the Montreal chapter of Lesbians Who Tech (& Allies) to be one of the most active chapters in their global network. They most recently worked as a product designer, applying their talents in speaking, writing, and design as a founding employee of diversity and inclusion startup Crescendo. They are the founder of Queerit, a social good design agency by and for queers (and those who love us). They have been called a “rising star in the queer/feminist movement” and work tirelessly for the visibility of queer and trans folks in the tech sector, as well as in society at large. They love cycling, writing poetry, gardening, and their cat, Didi.

Find Queerit here: 



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