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I know things are really hard and uncertain for many of us right now and I wanted to say that I am not podcasting because it’s business as usual, but because I am really committed to staying in dialogue and providing things that I hope are useful to you at this time. Today I am sending a really cool conversation with Kate Strathmann of Wanderwell Consulting your way – we talked about so many things that I believe are really important when it comes to building resilient businesses grounded in our politics and values. Here are some of the topics we touched on:

  • Creating a solid financial foundation for small businesses
  • Being okay with not being employable
  • Being led by our values and meeting business partners with empathy
  • Building resilient local networks

An expert in translating big, creative, passionate ideas into sustainable reality, Kate honed fierce negotiation skills over years living in India; learned the true meaning of the buzzword “sustainable” while organic farming in Minnesota; and has developed an intuitive, flexible approach to her work with over twenty years of yoga study practice. She now lends her breadth of experience to shepherding ideas from napkin sketches to robust balance sheets and emboldening owners to exceed their own expectations while challenging the status quo.

As the founder and director of Wanderwell, Kate leads a team in providing a unique combination of grounded financial practices and human-centered strategy and business design to a motley crew of visionary, creative small businesses.

Known for combining irreverence and humor with jedi-like listening skills, Kate lends these skills to organizational development, community-minded strategy, and thinking and writing on new economies, anti-capitalist business practices, and reminding us all to find more ease in our businesses.



This is also an invitation to join me for a free workshops on resilience in business and ways to take your offerings online at this time. I’ll share some useful tools and resources that might help you take your practice online and work with the uncertainty we’re in a little better and there will be plenty of time for connection and questions too. You can sign up here: https://yarrowdigital.com/free-workshops/

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