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I am sending sleepy love from my bed to yours, alongside a conversation with Wendy May, which felt hopeful and gentle to listen back to just now. I really love how Wendy has managed to articulate her hope for change and big shifts without spiritually bypassing the real pain we’re in right now (we recorded this a bit over a month ago, so the world was still feeling a bit different, but still!). Here is some of what we talked about:

  • What it means to find regenerative purpose
  • Navigating the uncertainty of transition
  • Unlearning patterns of competition and embracing a death process
  • Finding meaning beyond branding
  • Working with the Enneagram

Wendy May is a purpose guide, conscious-business coach, Enneagram teacher and human-experience designer. She started on her purpose path in 2015 after leaving a 15-year career in corporate leadership and organizational consulting. Wendy is the founder of a purpose-business that uses biodegradable glitter as a vehicle for ecological education. She recently published her first book, introducing a new paradigm of purpose work: Regenerative Purpose: The Dynamic Nature of the Way We Choose Work. Through her writing, speaking, private coaching, and group retreats, Wendy supports others in soul purpose alignment so that we can create a world of work that works for everyone.

You can find her online at kaistara.com

And here is more info about the Embodied Business Community that I mentioned in the intro: https://yarrowdigital.com/diy-business-school/

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