Hey everyone,

how are you holding up? I am riding the waves and trying to be as creative and adaptable as I can be at this time. In this solo episode I am sharing a bit about what that looks like for me, about what is changing and what is not changing and what is helping me right now.

I am also reading from my new zine Our Bodies as Anti Capitalist Business Mentors, for which you can sign up for free here: https://yarrowdigital.com/free-workshops/ – it talks about shame, having needs and using our bodies as wise guidance systems through the pandemic and beyond.

As promised I’ll be running another free workshop on taking your business online on May 13th, which will be particularly helpful for people who had local practices and want some guidance and tools around taking things online. You can sign up under the same link above.

Finally you’re still welcome to join the Embodied Business Community – I have extended the enrolment period and am offering a new $24/month payment plan. More info is here: https://yarrowdigital.com/diy-business-school/

Thank you so much for listening!

Sending love,


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