Hey everyone,

I am back from my little break and excited to bring you more conversations about small business magic in times of crisis. In this episode I talked to the wonderful Kate Litterer about breaking free from productivity culture, which felt both liberating and fun. If you’re feeling feelings about good-enoughness, setting your own pace and being a human in business I hope you’ll get lots out of this too! Here is some of what we talked about:

  • Living with chronic pain & finding softness around limitations
  • Untangling our sense of self from productivity and work
  • Harmful expectations and scarcity in academia
  • Valuing invisible labour
  • Our journey with pricing & accessibility
  • Drawing healthy boundaries around our work

Kate Litterer is a productivity researcher and coach who guides her clients to reimagine productivity and achieve personal success on their own terms. She specializes in intentionality, habit formation, mindfulness, and slow living…in other words, slowductivity. Kate runs the blog “The Tending Year” and writes a twice-a-month newsletter called “The Tending Letter,” both of which aim to make productivity and personal development more accessible and applicable. She is also a queer history buff, and is currently completing her doctoral degree in Rhetoric, focusing on the rhetorical contributions of lesbian author and musician Lisa Ben.



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