Hey loved listeners,

I’m back in the podcasting groove and will be answering some of your questions in solo episodes over the summer. If you have one please email me at hello@yarrowdigital.com!

In this episode I am talking about what it means to build resilience in our businesses, about sharing honestly what things feel like and what kind of support we need to make it though. Here are the journaling prompts I mentioned:

  • What can resilience look like for you right now?
  • What services, skills and products can you offer online?
  • What do the people you serve need right now? How has that changed?
  • How are other people in your industry adapting?
  • How do you want to trade with people?
  • What are your core values in business?
  • What kind of goals would feel good?

I hope this is helpful for you!

I also mentioned my first book called Rituals: https://www.yarrowmagdalena.com/book/

and you can still sign up for the free summer workshop series here: https://yarrowdigital.com/free-workshops/

Thank you so much for listening!




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