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I have two wonderful pieces of news today:

  1. The Embodied Business Community is open for enrolment with one 50% scholarship left and two fair payment plans to choose from, you can learn more & sign up here: https://yarrowdigital.com/diy-business-school/ and here is more info about the web design course: https://yarrowdigital.com/web-design-adventure-course/
  2. I have a new interview episode with the wonderful Amelia Hruby for you! Here is some of what we talked about:
    • Leaving social media and finding joyful ways to share your work
    • What works and what doesn’t in small business marketing
    • Making our businesses more feminist
    • DIY media as a creative future
    • How the pandemic has changed Amelia’s work

I really loved talking to Amelia – there were lots of giggles and a few paws involved as well. This was the kind of conversation that left me feeling energised, hopeful and in love with running a small business. I hope you’ll feel the same!

Amelia Hruby is a feminist writer, educator and podcaster with a PhD in philosophy. She runs a small podcast studio supporting women business owners and creatives in sharing their voices, and works as the Programs Coordinator of Sister, home of Feminist Business School. She is also the host and producer of the podcast Fifty Feminist States, and the author of Fifty Feminist Mantras, an illustrated journal for cultivating feminist consciousness.


Amelia’s 100 ways to share your work + life that aren’t social media blog post: http://www.ameliahruby.com/blog/100-ways-to-share

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