Hey there!

I am Yarrow (but you might still know me as Sarah!) – a web designer, tech fairy and online magic maker. I am here to support cool people like you all over the world with practical advice, beautiful custom made websites and useful resources.

I blog about all things WordPress, web design and online marketing – its my passion to help small business build platforms that are authentic, intentional and sustainable.


I offer affordable custom web design packages for entrepreneurs and online marketing support for like-minded people which is a real labour of love to me. For those who want to learn how to make some magic on a budget, I created the DIY programs with courses on starting a small business, WordPress web design, course development and DIY branding.

If you have questions or would like to get in touch, you can do so here.

My story

I started my first own business as a freelance writer at the youthful age of 19 and while I kind of always knew that I wanted to work for myself and ideally create something awesome and meaningful, it took me ages to figure out how exactly to make that magic happen in a way that would sustain me. Long story short, like many young people I was super confused about what to do with my life and did a two year business training in order to be independent asap, then became a management assistant in London and progressed to be an HR manager for a start up in Berlin. So not my jam!


I experienced a beautiful turning point in my mid twenties – I earned my distance degree with the Open University, trained as a yoga teacher with the Sivanada school in Italy and completed a thai yoga massage course at the Mudita school in London. I also got five awesome years of working creatively for myself under my belt and started getting awkward poetry published. I hibernated for a while, wrote a lot and took more classes in photography, design and creative writing. It was a slow caterpillar to butterfly process, which was lovingly supported by my dog Orlando.

I also started teaching donation based, body-positive queer yoga classes and enrolled for an MA in Creative Media (best decision ever). I edited and self-published the anthology “A jar of queer feelings” and learned more about community work, social justice, embodiment, sustainability and radical self-love.

Figuring out how to run a small business in a way that is ethical and kind is something I am working on and thinking about all the time and I am really excited about all the new ways in which we can now share and learn from each other. I do think that small businesses can create space for community, healthy collaboration and healing, even if we still exist in the world and have to pay our bills.

My mission is to share all the amazing support, tools and insights I gathered over the years with people like you who want to make a positive difference in the world and are not afraid to do things differently.

My approach

If you work with me, you can expect heart-centred advice, deep respect for your work and a lot of care. I don’t believe in fear-based marketing, fake scarcity or bullying people into buying.

Instead I help people build something that feels true to them without the need to constantly chase the latest online trends because I really believe that authenticity and connection is what we all crave.

I want my work to be as accessible as possible while also honouring my time and energy. I share a lot freely on here and my newsletter, offer regular free coaching spots and am giving scholarships for my courses to those who cant afford them (if that might be you, drop me a line!).

Inspiration and qualifications

I have an MA in creative media and a BA in social science and creative writing, but honestly growing a small business has taught me much more. I also did Marie Forleo’s b-school in 2015 and have trained in several body work and healing modalities.

There are many, many people that have inspired me, so I will name just a few here – I have studied with Vanessa Sage for some years which has taught me a lot about the intuitive use of tarot for big and small decisions; I have mentored with Nancy Antenucci which really helped me be my weird self and I love the writing of Clarissa Pinkola Estès.

Currently I am also studying with the Herbal Academy as well as Ren Zatopek and I am training as a celebrant. My heart beats fast for people who care for the earth and are working to dismantle systems of oppression in creative and healing ways – some that come to mind are Asali EarthworkDori MidnightBeth MaidenJennifer Patterson, Julia Cameron, Natalie GoldbergSarah Faith Gottesdiener, and Travis Alabanza.

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