Hey there!

I am Yarrow Magdalena – a web designer, tech fairy and small business mentor. 

I make handmade WordPress websites and help people start and run small businesses that are fun to work in, reflect their values and make enough money for things that matter. 

On a practical level I love playing with software systems, colours, fonts, graphics, conceptual ideas and digital spaces. I also feel strongly about wanting to work from home while being connected to like minded people and exploring what it means to hold anti-capitalist, anti-racist and feminist values while navigating the internet, work and these strange times. 

I sincerely enjoy teaching online and am especially excited about making tech and software easy and fun, which feels like an important feminist issue to me. Being able to utilise tech in a way that feels good and grows your ideas can be incredibly empowering, right? 

I work with a wide range of people, which I l really love. Part of that is supporting folks who for all kinds of reasons, for example disabilities, chronic illness or simply a deep dislike of office policies, could not be in conventional employment. Helping others in a similar situation to find ways of making a sustainable living feels very rewarding to me.

I didn’t always work for myself though, I actually spend most of my twenties working for e-commerce start ups and was a nanny while studying for a distance degree with the Open University. At the “peak” of that chapter in my life I was an overworked, underappreciated and constantly stressed HR Manager. 

One rainy summer day I was diagnosed with burnout and had to make a choice. I had to find a better way of making a living. I quit my full time job, took less courses at university and moved to the sea side. I did all kinds of things to make a living back then and somehow I managed to weave them all together into a life that worked better for me. I slowed down, got intentional and trained in different body work modalities to get well and explore my embodiment. 


Here are some really important things I learned in that time: 

We all desire and deserve working conditions that are sustainable and fair. 

Our creativity thrives when we feel a sense of safety, belonging and possibility. 

Kinder ways of trading with each other are not just possible but essential.

Having a portfolio career for a while also taught me how to multitask and solve complex problems, how to teach myself all kinds of new things and how to create beautiful environments to work in on a shoestring. These are gifts I still love bringing forward in my work today. 

Like many of us I have spent the first few years of being an entrepreneur chasing shiny stuff, spending too much cash on courses to feel more legitimate and battling imposter syndrome daily. 

Trust me when I say things can get easier and it’s so worth it. Growing a business on your own terms is not a race, but it might well be one of the most beautiful things you’ll do in your life. Following my intuition and growing organically has allowed me to support hundreds of beautiful people with Yarrow Digital and also to build another business called Daydreaming Wolves, which is all about community care, creative embodiment and radical rituals and is such a joy to work in.

It’s worth digging into your values, strengthening your creative expression

and building your resilience. I’d love to support you.

Inspiration and qualifications

I have an MA in creative media and a BA in social science, business studies and creative writing, but honestly growing a small business has taught me much more. I worked my way through all kinds of online marketing and business courses and trained as a death midwife as well as in several body work and healing modalities. I’m currently studying philosophy with the Open University.

There are also many, many people that have inspired me with their love, books and teachings, so I will name a few here –  Clarissa Pinkola Estès, Dori MidnightBeth MaidenJennifer PattersonStarhawk, Marlee Grace and adrienne maree brown.

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