Branding with Canva Course

Create a beautiful visual language that communicates what your work is all about

This is a self-paced video course that teaches you everything you need to know to put your authentic branding together. I’ll take you behind the scenes and show you step by step how to make beautiful designs for your website, blog, social media and more. You’ll learn how to research colour palettes, how to choose fonts and how to find the right graphics, images and other design elements. Most importantly you will finally know how to put it all together in Canva.

It includes 9 videos and costs $50 (early bird pricing till the end of March).

This course is for you if:


You feel overwhelmed with all the options and just want to create a beautiful, authentic brand


You've spent ages looking at pretty colour palettes but are still not sure what a could fit would look like


You want to create something flexible and unique that will grow with your business without spending a fortune

A closer look at the content

Module 1: Welcome & what is branding?

  • How to make the most of this course
  • Why creating a visual language for your business matters
  • The magic of flexible branding and allowing space for growth and evolution

Module 2: Brainstorming ideas for your dream branding

  • How to find the right colour palette
  • Researching images
  • How to bring together fonts & other design elements
  • Creating a style guide to bring it all together

Module 3: Working with Canva

  • How to set your branding up
  • Working with templates
  • Creating social media graphics
  • How to make a beautiful pdf
  • Branding in action


What happens when I sign up?

You get immediate access to all nine videos and can get started right away. This course is self-paced, so you can take as much time as you like!

What software are you using?

This course covers specifically how to work with Canva, but you’ll learn design foundations that you can use with any design tool. 

What if I hate tech?

That’s okay, you’re not alone. In the course I am sharing my screen and showing you step by step what you can do to create graphics. I have broken all aspects down into manageable tasks and you can take as much time as you like.

Is the course captioned?

Yes, the videos are captioned with about 95% accuracy. 

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