Are you trying to build a small, sustainable and beautiful business that is aligned with your values?

I would love to support you! 

In the last five years I’ve built two business for myself and have helped hundreds of small business owners through courses, workshops, one on one support and web design services on their journey. No two businesses were alike and there were always surprises, delights and challenges on the path. Sometimes I am a solid sounding board, sometimes I help with tech and design and sometimes I hold space for confidence, clarity and courage to grow.

I don’t offer ordinary business coaching because I don’t hold capitalist values, believe in competition and scarcity or think that making six figures is the only way to go.

I’m here because I think that small is beautiful, that we all deserve stability and abundance and that there is power in community, collaboration and wild creativity. I understand that building a business can be particularly scary as we are navigating so much uncertainty, but I also believe that it can be a great way to re-think our livelihoods and values. 

I really appreciate how down-to-earth, real and simple your approach is, it feels like a breath of fresh air -actually, like a deep, deep exhale, taking so much of the pressure of this ‘online thing’ off..I have been through most of the DIY Business Magic course, and it’s felt so nourishing and supportive, which is very different to past experiences I’ve had with business courses. I wish yours was the first course I’d taken, it would have saved me a lot of obsessing over doing things a certain way…!


I found Yarrow through a new friend I made at a women’s circle in Brighton. It was, of course, perfect timing. I needed a soulful business mentor who was not into the manipulative hustle that seems to be so pervasive in entrepreneurship. I wanted a gentle but proactive approach – someone who would encourage me, help me identify the practical steps I needed to take, do some of the techy stuff that I just loath, and regularly remind me that there is space in this world for a different approach. Yarrow ticked all of those boxes and more. She has some kind of magic about her, and I would absolutely still be going around in circles if I hadn’t met her. She’s a powerhouse in a quiet, persistent and creative way. And I am super grateful we have crossed paths, and that I have had the opportunity to work with her.


How it works

We’ll tailor your mentoring experience to your unique needs and desires. I can support you in clarifying your values and goals, help you untangle yourself from harmful patterns and be a sounding board as well as an ally in navigating the many decisions you’ll make with ease and confidence.

At the core of our work together are 1:1 calls on Zoom, but you’ll also receive tech and design support from me to make sure you wont get stuck implementing the ideas and plans we’ve discussed. 

Below are two packages to choose from – if neither of them are a perfect fit for you you’re welcome to reach out to discuss a custom plan. 

Option One – Building solid business foundations

This package is great for you if you are starting out or change directions and want ongoing support while diving deep into creating a creative, sustainable livelihood. It costs $950 (or three payments of $316) and includes the following:


  • Six 60 min 1 to 1 sessions over three months
  • Structured, loving and holistic support for your business
  • The chance to ask me questions via email between sessions
  • Access to the DIY Small Business School and community
  • 10% off my web design packages 
  • Three hours of tech and design support from me

Option Two – Bring your business online

This package is great for you if you’ve been in business for a while and want some support around navigating the lockdown and bringing your business online. It costs $550 (or two payments of $275) and includes the following:


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