Join a community of like minded small business owners who really get what you’re experiencing.

Learn everything you need to know to sustainably build your business, step by step.

Receive the inspiration, support and accountability you deserve.

The DIY Business Community is a ten module course and a community on Mighty Networks that supports you in starting and building a business on your own terms – aligned with your values, with a focus on sustainability and with community and collaboration at its core.

If you’ve been feeling overwhelmed by social media, puzzled by all the tech options and weighted down by imposter syndrome then this is for you! 

Who I am and why I created this program

Hi, my name is Yarrow and I am a web designer, business mentor and tech fairy for soft folks who want to make a difference in the world. 

I already wanted to work for myself as a teenager, but it took me another decade of shitty office jobs, underpaid childcare work and late nights to finally take the leap and let go of employment. I can honestly say that I have never looked back. 

In the last four years I have supported hundreds of small business owners through courses, live workshops and heartfelt 1:1 support in building successful online platforms. I’m still pinching myself when I really take in that I get to hang with my little dog Orlando and make business magic from the comfort of my home.

I love taking folks behind the scenes to show them exactly what I am doing to grow my business and let things run smoothly and it’s important to me to also talk about self-care and authentic goals.

The DIY Business Community is exactly what I would have needed when I started out – comprehensive step by step training, a community of like minded small business owners, gentle accountability through monthly group coaching and live workshops as well as a good mix of mindset work, software systems and how to guides at a fair price.

What others are saying

I really appreciate how down-to-earth, real and simple your approach is, it feels like a breath of fresh air -actually, like a deep, deep exhale, taking so much of the pressure of this ‘online thing’ off..I have been through most of the DIY Business Magic course, and it’s felt so nourishing and supportive, which is very different to past experiences I’ve had with business courses. I wish yours was the first course I’d taken, it would have saved me a lot of obsessing over doing things a certain way…!


This is a program that has empowered me to learn all the processes so that I can replicate them for myself anytime I need. Yarrow does not hold anything back and gives very practical steps for every aspect of your business. She has a well of knowledge and experience and is able to express it with easy to learn content that everyone can benefit from. I have full confidence that my business is set on a solid foundation with the support of Yarrow and her wisdom.


I am SO relieved and delighted to have stumbled into the DIY Business School. 

After a short harrowing experience in very loud brash super expensive online business coaching program, 
I left feeling overwhelmed and lost. 

Yarrow’s authentic soft practicality and  trauma informed approach offers a cozy space to land for new entrepreneurs, artists and healing arts practitioners and those still in the envisioning phase of stepping into the terrifying territory of creating an online business. 

I love that we have our own cozy space on the Mighty Networks Platform away from the overwhelm of traditional public social media spaces like FB and Instagram. 

We are all in different phases of creating an online business some advanced others like me still in the envisioning and yet i have never felt intimidated or overwhelmed i always feel welcome and am able learn through osmosis from the experience of other members in the DIY Community. 

Yarrow has a genuine concern for her community and has a magical way of meeting each budding entrepreneur in whichever stage or phase of business development they are in.  


The DIY Business Community isn’t open for enrolment at the moment, but you can get on the waitlist and be the first to hear when spring enrolment opens – (it will be$300 or three payments of $100)

How the DIY Business Community can support you 


  • Tune out the noise and get clear on what you actually want from your business and why you’re doing this work
  • Receive all the information and training you’ll need in order to build solid software systems and a social media strategy that will support your growth and save you time, money and headaches
  • Become part of a thriving community of small business owners with similar goals and values that can offer you gentle accountability and encouragement
  • Learn how to market your offerings in a fair, transparent and accessible way

What you get

How the program works

Once you become a member of the DIY Business Community you’ll get immediate access to the community over at Mighty Networks (which you can think of as our own little Facebook including an app for learning on the go!) as well as a rich archive of live workshops. On September 1st you’ll also get access to the new ten module course which you’ll be able to work through at your own pace.

The monthly group coaching calls are an amazing way to meet others and get feedback – if you can’t make it live you get to submit your questions in advance and watch the replay after.

In addition to that you’ll be invited to monthly live online workshops that will deepen your understanding of each topic and give you another possibility to meet others. And to make sure you’re clear on your goals every step of the way you’ll be able to join our quarterly business planning workshops.

Once you have joined you’ll enjoy access to the program for its lifetime.


Our core values

This is for you if…



You're a creative, healer, coach, maker or freelancer and want to build your business sustainably and in alignment with your values


You're feeling overwhelmed with all the software and tech options and need step by step screenshare videos to create solid systems


You do want to grow your income, but without selling your soul or using manipulative marketing tactics


You're excited to talk about your work, but need some ethical social media strategies to really spread the word


You're keen to become an active member in a community of like minded small business owners

The DIY Business Community isn’t open for enrolment at the moment, but you can get on the waitlist and be the first to hear when spring enrolment opens – (it will be$300 or three payments of $100)

A closer look at the video trainings

Module 1 – Welcome + how to work with this program

  • How and where to start
  • Mapping your unique journey 
  • How to navigate Mighty Networks

Module 2 – Intentions, values and dreams

  • What do you love doing?
  • Where do you see yourself in five years?
  • What values are underpinning your business?

Module 3 - Creating sustainable + exciting offerings

  • Putting together offerings that are sustainable, accessible and fair
  • Thinking about generosity, boundaries and worth
  • Understanding what makes you unique

Module 4 – Social media, podcasting + blogging

  • Identifying the right platforms and creating spaces you truly love being in
  • Finding your voice and telling your story
  • Growing an excited, engaged audience 

Module 5 - Your foundation + software systems

  • Thinking about what systems you need in place to feel truly grounded
  • Comparing options and creating affordable systems
  • Connecting all the moving pieces together 

Module 6 – Building a newsletter list

  • Why independence from social media platforms matters
  • Choosing the right newsletter provider and setting opt in forms up
  • Growing your list

Module 7 - Launching a new offering

  • Spreading the word for what you’re offering in ethical, transparent ways 
  • Getting organised and creating a timeline for your launch
  • Utilising your newsletter, social media platforms, guest content and giveaways 

Module 8 – Building a Patreon to support your business and community

  • How Patreon can offer your audience an affordable way to support your work
  • Setting your account up the right way
  • Creating exciting tiers and promotions 

Module 9 - Self-care for entrepreneurs

  • Creating boundaries around your time and energy
  • Setting your workspace up for success and managing your time
  • Finding rituals and positive habits to support your intuition and wellbeing 

Module 10 - Long-term visions and sustainable creativity

  • Finding ways to fund a sustainable, free and nourishing lifestyle
  • Thinking about the bigger picture and your future
  • Making space for growth 


How much time will I need to set aside to participate?

It’s totally up to you! If you have plenty of time you can really dive deep and make huge progress through the program but you can also just go at your own pace if you have other commitments. We’ll meet for an hour each month for our group coaching calls and then an hour for our live deep-dive workshops. You can always watch the replays and join the discussions over at Mighty Networks.

Do I need an established business to join this course?

No! I’ve helped many people get clear on what they are actually passionate about and what they want to offer, so if you are just getting started at the drawing board you are super welcome here! Similarly if you have already been in business for a while you will still be able to learn a ton and hear some new perspectives. 

Will I receive 1:1 support?

The group coaching calls and live workshops are your chance to ask me anything, but depending on group size I can’t guarantee that every single question will be covered – there is always interesting stuff to learn though and you can also ask for feedback from the community over on Mighty Networks. If you feel you need in-depth 1:1 support in order to move forward with your business you’ll be offered 10% off my 1:1 mentoring program. 

What if I am terrible with tech?

That’s okay! In the tech related trainings I am sharing my screen with you and am showing you step by step how to set up systems that work for you and your business. You can always pause, take notes and dive deeper when you’re ready. 

What does lifetime access mean?

This means you’ll get access for the lifetime of the program – for many, many years to come. 

The DIY Business Community isn’t open for enrolment at the moment, but you can get on the waitlist and be the first to hear when spring enrolment opens – (it will be$300 or three payments of $100)

Got more questions?

Feel free to drop me a line and I will get back to you asap! 


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