The DIY Small Business School is an eight module course and a community on Mighty Networks that supports you in starting and building a business on your own terms – aligned with your values, with a focus on sustainability and with community and collaboration at its core.

You can join us any time and take as much time as you need because guess what?

This is not a race and your needs matter!

Monthly online workshops as well as our online network bring us together to go deeper, find like minded folks and ask big questions. My hope is that this program will not only teach you practical and technical skills, but also help you explore what self-care for you as an entrepreneur could look like, what values underpin your work and how you can be of service to your communities while creating abundance and stability for yourself.

The course contains the following video + audio lessons

that you can work through in your own time: 

Module 1 – Purpose, sustainability and cash

  • What do you need and what do you want?
  • Pricing and accessibility
  • Reverse engineering and transitioning with or without day jobs
  • Finding your ICA

Module 5 – Social media, audiences + DIY media

  • Which social media channels are right for your business?
  • Social media 101, automation + scheduling
  • Strategies for instagram, Facebook + Pinterest
  • Podcasting + interviews

Module 2 – Self-care for small business owners

  • Creating supportive habits and working with plant medicine
  • Environments + movement
  • Having solid boundaries
  • Creating community to support your dreams
  • Intuitive tools for entrepreneurs
  • A tarot spread to spark business magic

Module 6 – Creating sustainable offerings

  • What can sustainable offerings look like?
  • Pricing + Accessibility II

Module 3 – Building solid structures

  • Getting organised with systems that feel good
  • The systems and software I am using
  • Making book keeping easier
  • When to hire out
  • A tarot spread for business roots

Module 7 – Growth + Visions

  • Re-defining success on your own terms
  • My journey with Patreon

Module 4 – Building your newsletter list

  • Why building a newsletter list is so important + things to ask yourself before setting intentions
  • Ideas for free content and how to practically create it
  • Strategies for newsletter growth + automations
  • Setting your newsletter account up and adding opt in forms to your website

Module 8 – Rituals for entrepreneurs

  • Banishing comparison and pressure
  • A tarot spread for business intentions

I really appreciate how down-to-earth, real and simple your approach is, it feels like a breath of fresh air -actually, like a deep, deep exhale, taking so much of the pressure of this ‘online thing’ off..I have been through most of the DIY Business Magic course, and it’s felt so nourishing and supportive, which is very different to past experiences I’ve had with business courses. I wish yours was the first course I’d taken, it would have saved me a lot of obsessing over doing things a certain way…!


In addition you’ll get

Every month we are meeting in a small group on Zoom to talk through your questions, go deeper and brainstorm ideas and solutions for the challenges we are facing as small business owners. This is your chance to ask me absolutely anything! We’ll alternate between different times in the day so people in all kinds of timezones can make it. If you’re not able to come, you’ll be able to watch the replay any time you like.

You can view topics and dates for upcoming workshops here

You’ll get the chance to become part of a lively group of like minded people through our community forums on Mighty Networks, which is like our own little Facebook expect with no ads and more intimacy. You can share what you’re struggling with and what you are currently working on, ask questions, compare notes and get to know other small business owners like yourself. 

In addition to access to the DIY Small Business School, the community forum and the live calls you also get access to my DIY WordPress Web Design and Branding with Canva courses. These video based self-study courses show you how to set up a WordPress site and create beautiful graphics in Canva step by step – you can follow along as I share my screen and learn how I work on a day to day basis. If you are looking to create a new site this may save you a lot of money and if you already have one you might learn some new tips and tricks.

A quick recap: 

When you pledge $11 or more on my Patreon you’ll get access to my three business courses (DIY Business Magic, DIY WordPress Web Design and Branding with Canva) as well as my community on Mighty Networks plus you’ll be able to join my monthly live workshops. 

I sincerely believe that this is a large chunk of what you need in order to succeed and that there is no need to invest thousands of dollars in private coaching or expensive programs! 

You can adjust or cancel your pledge any time, I am just asking that you support my work for as long as you feel you are benefitting from it. If you would like additional guidance in the form of monthly 1:1 mentoring sessions on Zoom with me you can pledge $66 on my Patreon and have me support you through the program.


How much time will I need to set aside to participate?

It’s totally up to you! If you have plenty of time you can really dive deep and make huge progress through the program but you can also just go at your own pace if you have other commitments. We’ll meet for an hour each month and there are always chats on Mighty Networks, but you can also watch the workshop replay if you can’t make it to the calls.

Why is this so cheap?

I have chosen an affordable Patreon model because I want to build a community in which everyone chips in what they can and everyone gets what they need. You are totally welcome to pledge more – in fact that would be much appreciated!

How is the course being delivered?

All course units are available in one place on Mighty Networks – this is also where you’ll find the replays from our live calls. For the calls we’ll use Zoom so that everyone who wants to be seen can turn their video on and see each other in the gallery view.

Is this a long term commitment?

No, you can cancel or adjust your pledge any time. I am just asking that you support my work for as long as you feel you are benefitting from it.

I need more support, what can I do?

I am offering a limited number of monthly 1:1 mentoring spots through the Patreon – if this is something you know you’ll benefit from you can pledge $66 for as long as you want my support.

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