Would you like to expand your business, build your own WordPress website or dream up branding that feels authentic and beautiful to you?

Then I hope my courses can help you on that journey!

I believe that you can be your own expert and that we can create big magic on a shoe string. While I love my work as a web designer and tech fairy, I also want to empower people to build things themselves if that is what is best for them. If you find that you do need more support after taking my courses, I will take the price you paid for your course off my hourly support retainers or web design packages

It feels important to me to make this work as accessible as possible, which is why I am offering sliding scale prices and free monthly webinars that you can join as a student to ask questions, deepen your understanding and meet others who are going through a similar experience. The benefit of this is that I can offer my courses at more affordable self-study rates rates while you also get direct access to me and have extra accountability to actually implement what you are learning. 

All my courses are evergreen, which means that you can sign up for them any time and complete them in a timeframe that works for you. 

A DIY business training for people who value sustainability, authenticity and kindness! 

In this course we will work on building a livelihood that supports your creative vision and pays your bills in a way that feels good to you and that is in alignment with your values. In addition to practical training on social media, newsletter marketing and solid systems we will also look at self-care for entrepreneurs as well as purpose, values and accessibility.

The course contains the following video + audio lessons: 

Module 1 – Purpose, sustainability and cash

  • What do you need and what do you want?
  • Pricing and accessibility
  • Reverse engineering and transitioning with or without day jobs

Module 5 – Social media, audiences + DIY media

  • Which social media channels are right for your business?
  • Social media 101, automation + scheduling
  • Strategies for instagram, Facebook + Pinterest
  • Podcasting + interviews

Module 2 – Self-care for small business owners

  • Creating supportive habits and working with plant medicine
  • Environments + movement
  • Having solid boundaries
  • Creating community to support your dreams

Module 6 – Creating sustainable offerings

  • Doing research and solving problems
  • Making your work accessible
  • Pricing that honours your time and energy

Module 3 – Building solid structures

  • Getting organised with the right software and systems
  • Making book keeping and inventories fun
  • When to hire out

Module 7 – Growth + Visions

  • Re-defining success
  • My journey with Patreon

Module 4 – Building your newsletter list

  • Why building a newsletter list is so important + things to ask yourself before setting intentions
  • Ideas for free content and how to practically create it
  • Strategies for newsletter growth + automations
  • Setting your newsletter account up and adding opt in forms to your website

Module 8 – Rituals for entrepreneurs

  • Banishing comparison and pressure
  • A tarot spread for business intentions

I really appreciate how down-to-earth, real and simple your approach is, it feels like a breath of fresh air -actually, like a deep, deep exhale, taking so much of the pressure of this ‘online thing’ off..I have been through most of the DIY Business Magic course, and it’s felt so nourishing and supportive, which is very different to past experiences I’ve had with business courses. I wish yours was the first course I’d taken, it would have saved me a lot of obsessing over doing things a certain way…!


The easiest way to take my DIY courses is to become a Patreon here – you can make a monthly pledge of 11$ or more and will receive access to the program as well as the DIY WordPress and design courses plus monthly ritual kits and regular free webinars to deepen your understanding and give you a chance to ask questions.

My prices are intentionally low to keep them accessible to as many people as possible while also honouring the time and energy I put into them. You can cancel or lower your pledge any time – just stay a Patreon for as you can afford to or as long as you feel you are receiving benefits from my work, I trust you.

I am not promising that my courses can teach you to make six figures in three month or that you will magically gain 10.000 instagram followers, but I can promise you that I am passing on everything I have learned from running two successful businesses and taking many online programs and trainings on these subjects.

If you find that you do need more support after taking my courses, I will take the price you paid for your course off my hourly support retainers or web design packages.


Create your own website and find a visual language that supports your vision!

In this course I am teaching you everything you need to know to build your own WordPress site on a shoestring – you can follow along while I am sharing my screen and finally understand how to install WordPress, how to choose a theme and how to create something that is unique, easy to manage and really beautiful.

Here is what you will learn through 12 video lessons plus pdf workbook:

  • Why WordPress rocks
  • Choosing a host, installing WordPress and setting up your theme
  • Writing your about page + preparing your content
  • How to set your menu up
  • Keeping WordPress safer
  • Installing plug ins and creating a widget sidebar
  • How to set your newsletter opt in up
  • Getting started with SEO
  • How to set up payment gateways
  • Bringing your branding into your website
  • How to get started with the Divi theme
  • Making the most of your blog and getting social


I strongly believe that small businesses can make a huge difference in the world and I think that there are tons of beautiful, sustainable and creative ways in which we can work together. Working for myself has given me more freedom, more health and more joy, which I wish for everyone. I am teaching from a place of wanting to build businesses that pay the bills in a way that is aligned with our values. 

If you care about community, diversity and sustainability, then I think you might enjoy taking these courses and connecting with our community through our webinars. Do get in touch and ask me anything if you are not sure wether or not this is right for you!

Coming Soon!

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