Upcoming live online workshops

Below is information on the next season of live online workshops I am running in June and July – these are available to all Patrons and replays will be available to those who can’t make it live. My workshops are interactive, community based and packed with actionable tools that are easy to implement. If you have other ideas for things you’d like me to cover please do get in touch, I would love to hear from you! 

To take part in these workshops please make a pledge on any level on my Patreon below and then in the thank you email make sure to confirm that you want to attend the business workshops. If you like you can also pledge $11 and become part of the DIY Small Business School and community! 

June 13th, 5pm UK time

  • Working with themes and giving yourself social media breaks
  • Getting organised and utilising automations
  • Batching content and focussing on nurturing spaces

June 24th, 6pm UK time

  • Getting started with a blog or podcast
  • Tech set up and integration
  • Developing a sustainable long term strategy
  • Building creative collaborations

July 4th, 6pm UK time

  • Moving towards authentic sharing
  • Boundaries around vulnerability and privacy
  • Communicating and connecting with people who care

July 16th, 5pm UK time

  • Figuring out what systems you need and which software can support you
  • Finding a way to work with spreadsheets that feels good
  • Re-thinking our relationship to goals

Free online courses

Here is what you can learn in this course:

  • Learn how to create mood boards for your brand
  • Get an overview of how WordPress.org works
  • Check out some resources to update your online platform

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