Short Bio

Yarrow Magdalena creates intentional websites and digital strategies for small, ethical business that are heartfelt and authentic. Yarrow`s work centers sustainability and creates a bridge between big dreams and practical design solutions.

Yarrow is also a queer artist and writer, a lover of plants, a tarot reader and a magic maker.

You can find Yarrow`s web design work at and the blog and podcast on folk herbalism, the tarot and magic at

As seen in

Some weird and wonderful things I love talking about

  • Why I believe (almost) everyone can create a beautiful, functional website
  • How starting a small business can be a reflection of our politics
  • How we can step away from fear-based scarcity marketing and build community instead
  • Folk herbalism, tarot practices and self-care as acts of resistance and community-care
  • My egg donation, what its like for there to be a mini-me and how I feel about alternative families
  • What it means to be magical and queer and why I believe that the revolution will be healing

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