Do you feel a bit overwhelmed with all the different social media platforms, launch strategies, list building tips and tech challenges? Do you need to move your business online asap?

Need someone to help you decide what to prioritise, how to get started and how to grow your business without spending a ton of money?

Then I would love to work with you!

Here are some of the services I am offering: 

Software and system support

Friendly consultations to help you find the right systems
Set up, integrations and testing
Project management and long term strategy for growth

General Social Media Strategy

Custom banners and shareable graphics
Strategy sessions and content planning
Keyword research & targeting

Content Strategy

Audience Research + Identification
Scheduling + Automations
Keyword Research & SEO Optimisation

Online course development

Content Strategy, Tech Integration & Launching
Teachable/Wishlist School Set Up
Tech Support

Newsletter list growth

Content + Growth Strategy
Opt In/Freebie Development
Tech Integration

Branding + Graphic Design

Canva Account Set Up
Custom Mood Boards
Graphic Design Packages

In my experience, laying a solid foundation for your business, mapping your next steps and growing your audience is easier than you think when you have the right systems in place!



5 hours

395 USD / 349 GBP / 379 EUR


10 hours

749 USD / 579 GBP / 669 EUR


20 hours

1395 USD / 1095 GBP / 1249 EUR

Here are some examples of what we can achieve together:


Setting your opt in up and growing your newsletter list

We’ll start by thinking about the kinds of people you’d like to have on your list, about the things they care about and what you have to offer in your newsletter. Once we’re clear on this we will talk about a possible freebie you might want to offer so that people can get to know your work and we will also discuss your welcome sequence as well as a sustainable content strategy for your business so that you’re never feeling unsure about what to write or when to send your next newsletter. Finally we’ll check on your software and systems to make sure everything is set up and ready for growth before we’re making a plan on how you’re going to promote and grow your newsletter list. 

This typically takes five hours. 


Setting a shop, a membership site or a course platform up

I‘ve been teaching online for more than three years and absolutely love supporting people in finding the software and strategy that works best for them! If you are thinking about launching an online course, a shop or a membership program (or you already have one and want to take things to the next level) I am really happy to begin our work with an in-depth software consultation in which we’ll look at your current systems, the kind of content that will be part of your offering and the kind of user experience you are trying to create. I will give you a comprehensive overview of possible software solutions and help you figure out which one might best suit your intention and budget while also being easy and fun to use. I can then support you with your set up, upload your content and create integrations between your different systems (for example your checkout page and your newsletter list) to make sure everything runs smoothly and is ready for your launch. 

This typically takes 5-15 hours. 


Launch strategy

I can help you develop a marketing plan that feels good and gives you a workable framework from regular social media posts to heartfelt newsletters and interviews that widen your community. 

If you’ve been listening to my podcast you know that I am excited about non-manipulative, transparent and honest marketing and that I bring a wealth of experience and unusual ideas from launching my own programs and helping many wonderful, like minded people along the way.

This typically takes 5-20 hours. 


Lifting your social media presence up

If you’re feeling overwhelmed, stuck of unsure about your social media presence I can begin by creating a video review to give you some feedback and valuable ideas for your strategy. We then talk about what you actually want to get out of your presence online, how to best use your time and energy and how to communicate what you care about the most in a way that gets the people you want to work with excited. Next I’ll create an easy to use content calendar for you and design a bunch of templates with a clear and consistent visual language in your Canva account that you can use to share announcements, offers and quotes across different social media channels. I can also support you in setting or accounts up and do some keyword research for you so that attracting new followers gets easier. 

After working together you’ll have a clear strategy, easy to use templates and a content calendar that will serve you for many months to come. 

This typically takes five hours.


Your Canva account and branding done for you

If you are unsure about what colours, fonts and photos might work for your offerings, story and message then I’d love to support you. Branding can actually be really fun – it’s about finding a visual language that makes you recognisable, memorable and unique. We’ll begin with an intake form, brainstorm ideas and then play with different mood boards. Once you feel happy with what we have created, I’ll set your branding kit up in your own Canva account and design a set of templates that you can use to create anything from social media graphics and banners to newsletter footers and flyers. 

This typically takes five hours.


Software audits

Many of my clients find that they are unnecessarily paying for software subscriptions that they aren’t actually using or that they are doing manual work that could easily be automated. I am here to help you strategically map out what systems you want to use so that you’re ready to focus on sharing your offerings without worrying about any glitches. A good software audit means you’ll feel more organised, can save some money and get ready ready to focus on the things that matter.

This typically takes five hours. 

My approach

I know putting yourself out there can be really scary – after all, your business is your baby. Having the right systems in place alongside a clear vision, an authentic strategy and supportive software can make the journey so much easier. I have helped hundreds of entrepreneurs get there and would love to support you too.

It’s ok to break rules and you really don’t have to be on every single platform because let’s be real – you probably have better things to do.  I love helping people get clear on what they actually want to achieve, where they want to spend their energy and what they have to say.

The key to growing an engaged, excited audience without using fear-based marketing or manipulation is being authentic, having great priorities and making sharing from your heart as easy as possible.

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