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I am Yarrow (though you might still know me as Sarah) – a web designer, tech fairy and online marketing consultant.

We create intentional, authentic websites for small businesses, creatives, healers, coaches and artists. Our work at Yarrow Digital centers sustainability and builds a solid foundation for our clients to grow their businesses, connect with their dream clients and get noticed. Affordable custom WordPress sites that are easy to manage and grow are at the core of what we offer, but we can also help you with your social media strategy, online course development, launches and tech support. Check out our web design packages and hourly tech, design and launch support. 

If you would like to learn how to dream up your own branding, create a WordPress site for yourself and develop your first online course you should check my Online Awesomeness School out – here I am offering affordable DIY courses that you can study at your own pace. I really believe that a great website make a big difference, but it doesnt have to cost a fortune. 

On this blog you will also find useful how to guides, some background stories from my own business and free resources to help you develop a digital strategy that is honest, authentic, generous and true to your visions.

Take a look around and get in touch if you have any wishes!

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The good, the bad and the magical: How my second year in business went down

Funny how time flies, huh? So much has changed globally this last year, it feels like we`ve all aged at least ten years. About a year ago I posted about my first year in business which feels like forever ago now. My second year in business was equally about expanding and about getting real with my values and there is a whole bunch of stuff that happened in my private life too (though business/private life aren`t as separate anymore, thanks to instagram). I bought my dream land in Portugal, donated eggs for the second time, travelled a fair bit in Europe, got really deeply into herbalism and made some new friends (yes, that is a life event for introverts). Read on for the business highlights, new ideas and changes of direction.  read more…

How to get started creating online courses with Teachable

I know quite a few of my clients are thinking about running online courses, but are struggling with taking the first steps and deciding what platform to use. I really, really love Teachable and have recorded a little video for you showing you why I chose this platform, how you can set it up and what it looks like in the backend.

I hope this helpful, do join my Facebook group and feel free to ask any questions you may have there!


How to write a fantastic nurture sequence

Building an engaged, solid newsletter list is one of the biggest goals for most of my clients, which makes total sense. The ins and outs are obviously a hot topic amongst entrepreneurs, especially around the frequency of emails being sent. I think just as important as consistency and the right software (I recently switched to Convertkit and love it, read more about that here) is a great nurture sequence, so let`s chat about that!  read more…

My journey from Mailchimp to Ontraport and finally to ConvertKit

I love social media, but I know that newsletters are at the heart of how I communicate with my audience. They are a way to stay in touch, send some love, update on new developments and share inspiration. I receive a very select number of newsletters myself and I truly love reading them and following the journey of the sender. When I design new websites for my clients, a super important question is how we`ll hook their email list in and what newsletter platform they will use. read more…

How to write a great about page

Many of us struggle with their about page…it feels odd to write about yourself, but we do want to make a great first impression and give people a chance to learn more. I think people who offer very personal services are most likely to feel pressure around this area of their website – I know that I care a lot about people`s about page and read it carefully before I commit to work with someone. My theme on here tells me that I edited my own about page 14 times this year. Ahem. Anyway, let`s all give it our best shot – I have written my best tips down for you:  read more…

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