Hi, I am Yarrow.

I make beautiful websites and help people start and run small businesses that are fun to work in and make enough money for things that matter. 

Supporting people in creating regenerative, sustainable and feminist businesses that redefine success and center community is something I am truly excited about. Most days I smile when I turn my computer on. 

Many of my clients tell me that they appreciate my gentle approach, my courage about doing things differently and my ability to explain complex tech solution in simple terms. I am facilitating a great community of like minded entrepreneurs and offer reliable support for small business owners who want to focus on what they love doing the most.

Feel free to book a free call with me if you’d like to chat about how I can help you or send me a message. 



My Values

Transparent, authentic and kind marketing

Abundance and care for everyone involved instead of fake scarcity

Systems that are sustainable and supportive

Wild creativity rather than cookie cutter businesses

Accessibility and collaboration for resilient communities


Beautiful custom built WordPress sites


A solid framework that grows with your business


Training so that you can easily update and edit your site if you want to


Lots of hand holding and heartfelt support


A ten module video course with lots of pep talks, deep dives and how to guides


A community on Mighty Networks that has your back


Monthly group coaching calls and workshops


Weekly journaling prompts to get clear and intentional

Podcast #16 My interview with Sarah Corbett of Rowan + Sage on small business magic

Podcast #16 My interview with Sarah Corbett of Rowan + Sage on small business magic

Hey beautiful being,
I hope you are well and ready for a beautiful week ahead! I am bringing you another interview episode today – I had the chance to speak to the wonderful Sarah Corbett of Rowan + Sage about her business, strategies, dreams and experiences. It’s been really wonderful to spend some time with someone who has similar passions who also runs two businesses! Here is what we talked about:
  • Building small businesses from scratch and picking up skills within employment while we prepare
  • Knowing when you’re ready to take the leap
  • Offering services and the unique challenges of creating a product based business
  • Creating balance and solid structures to avoid financial hick ups
  • Working with plants all day
  • How Sarah found her focus by offering celiac safe, gluten free herbal products
Sarah Corbett is a Clinical Herbalist and co-owner of Rowan + Sage, a small-batch apothecary brewing plant potions and other herbal magic in the heart of Atlanta, GA. Sarah’s path as an Herbalist blossomed from experimentation with plants to support her own health challenges, specifically through her experience with Celiac Disease. She is a forever student of the magic of nature & the human body, holding a Bachelors of Science in Psychology with an additional focus on Nutrition, certifications from the College of Purna Yoga, and over seven years of combined self-study and formal education in Herbalism. Through her work with Rowan + Sage, Sarah offers a line of Celiac-safe herbal products made from locally sourced herbs grown in her bioregion and offers one-on-one wellness consultations to help others experience vibrant well-being. You can learn more about her work & herbal line at www.rowanandsage.com or find her on social media (Instagram: @rowanandsage, Facebook: @rowanandsageshop, Pinterest: www.pinterest.com/rowanandsage).
Sarah is also a digital marketing strategist, web developer, and designer behind SC.Digital Studio where she helps other creatives and soul-centered entrepreneurs tell their stories. You can learn more about that aspect of her business at www.s-c.digital.
More information about the live workshop series I mentioned is here:
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Podcast #14 Working With Mistakes And Contractions In Business

Podcast #14 Working With Mistakes And Contractions In Business

Hey folks,

I have a new episode on failure for you <3 I’ve been thinking a lot about being real on the internet and how important it is to learn from our mistakes, so I wanted to share some of the stupid things I’ve done, awkwardly.

Tune in to hear me talk about:

  • The magic website time machine and how it can make you feel better
  • Common mistakes I’ve made that are sometimes unavoidable but also super valuable
  • Tools that can help you get to a place where you can stop comparing yourself and value the mistakes you’ve made as valuable lessons.


Here is more info about the summer workshop series I’ve mentioned:


Podcast #13 My interview with Katie Dutcher on mindfulness and meditation in business

Podcast #13 My interview with Katie Dutcher on mindfulness and meditation in business

Hey folks,

I am delighted to share another interview with you today – I spoke to the wonderful Katie Dutcher who is a mindfulness and meditation teacher as well as a small business owner with really interesting stories and perspectives to share. Here is what we talked about:

  • Boundaries and self-worth in business
  • Mindfulness practices for more clarity
  • The many ways in which our businesses evolve over time
  • Dealing with stress as an entrepreneur
  • Transitioning out of employment and being intentional with finding new communities and support

Katie is a teacher of mindfulness and meditation. She founded Flourish & Bloom to coach individuals who are interested in being more present and living with intention. (Her work especially resonates with introverts, HSPs, and recovering people-pleasers.)

Katie is the author of two workbooks that combine teaching, audio meditations, and reflective writing prompts: “Transform Your Relationship to Anxiety” and “Courage Amidst Uncertainty.”

She is a founding teacher at Monterey Bay Meditation Studio in Pacific Grove, California, where she offers courses and retreats on self-compassion, anxiety, courage, strategies for introverts and Highly Sensitive People, and other topics pertaining to well-being. Katie believes that cultivating greater awareness in each moment is key to living a more satisfying life, and her teaching emphasizes authenticity, presence, vulnerability, and curiosity.

Katie’s website: www.katiedutcher.com

Monterey Bay Meditation Studio website: www.montereybaymeditation.com

Find Katie’s short teachings and meditations (a new one most every Wednesday morning) at http://bit.ly/YouTubeFlourish

Follow Katie on Instagram at https://www.instagram.com/weflourishandbloom/


You can learn more about the DIY Small Business School and become a Patreon here:


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Podcast #12 My interview with Sophy Dale about story telling as a powerful tool in business

Podcast #12 My interview with Sophy Dale about story telling as a powerful tool in business

Hey everyone, happy Monday!

I am delighted to send another interview your way today – this time with the wonderful Sophy Dale. I really want to bring you more true and real stories from folks who created beautiful businesses while also working with some limitations, so it feels great to actually chat about the stories we tell and how powerful they can be in this episode!

Here is what Sophy and I talked about:

  • Writing as an empowering creative practice for entrepreneurs
  • Changing directions while staying true to our passions and values
  • Meeting our own needs for supportive, sustainable working conditions
  • Why understanding our own story and telling it in powerful ways is so important
Sophy Dale is an editor turned business mentor. She works with creative entrepreneurs on their overall strategy and is a messaging and writing coach, helping them uncover the story at the heart of their business, so they can be known for being who they really are. She also runs the Creatively Connected community, which offers both business and writing support.
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Podcast #11 My interview with Elinor Predota on building a business beyond and against capitalism

Podcast #11 My interview with Elinor Predota on building a business beyond and against capitalism

Hey everyone,

I am so beyond excited to bring you my first interview for the DIY Small Business podcast with the wonderful Elinor Predota! Elinor was also on the Daydreaming Wolves podcast and has such beautiful insights to share about what it means to build businesses that are aligned with our values. Here is what we talked about:

  • Building a small business against and beyond capitalism
  • Elinor’s background of working in cooperatives
  • The emotional labour involved in re-thinking our relationship to power and leadership
  • Ways of building sustainable and regenerative communities and how that is related to how we trade with each other
  • Personal freedom and collective liberation
  • Cycles and transformations in business instead of constant growth

Elinor supports people who long to make action for social justice an everyday part of their life and work, but who feel stuck, confused, or overwhelmed, to build their inner resources of resilience, awareness of self, society and environment, and confidence.

Elinor offers one to one, group and DIY programmes which are grounded in a long and wide-ranging background in activism, community development, spiritual counselling, ritual work, storytelling, and facilitation of learning. Elinor’s work is rooted in the magic of creativity, of relating across difference, and of becoming alive to all that is present, within and without us, here and now.

Here is the link to the Business Beyond Capitalism conversations Elinor is offering: https://elinorpredota.com/business-beyond-capitalism/

Here is Elinor’s website: https://elinorpredota.com/ and this is her Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/elinorpredota

You can learn more about the DIY Small Business School + Community here: https://yarrowdigital.com/diy-business-magic-live/


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