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My name is Yarrow  – I am a web designer, tech fairy, sustainable online marketing consultant and the founder of Yarrow Digital.

I am creating intentional, authentic websites for small businesses, creatives, healers, coaches and artists. Our work at Yarrow Digital centers sustainability and builds a solid foundation for our clients to grow their businesses, connect with their dream clients and get noticed. Affordable custom WordPress sites that are easy to manage and grow are at the core of what we offer, but we can also help you with your social media strategy, online course development, launches and tech support. Check out our web design packages and hourly tech, design and launch support. 

If you would like to learn how to start a business on solid ground with a clear vision, how to dream up your own branding, create a WordPress site for yourself and develop your first online course then you should check our affordable DIY Small Business School out – they are amazing for small business owners and freelancers on a budget.

On the blog and podcast you will also find useful how to guides, some background stories from my own business and free resources to help you develop a digital strategy that is honest, authentic, generous and true to your visions.

Take a look around and get in touch if you have any wishes!



Our Values

Transparent, authentic and kind marketing

Abundance and care for everyone involved instead of fake scarcity

Systems that are sustainable and supportive

Wild creativity rather than cookie cutter businesses

Accessibility and collaboration for resilient communities


Beautiful custom built WordPress sites


A solid framework that grows with your business


Training so that you can easily update and edit your site if you want to


Lots of hand holding and heartfelt support

What if your main goal in business was to feel good? 

What if you could feel truly supported with all the tech stuff? 

Blog + Podcast

A few things every nurture sequence should include

Hey business babes,

long time no blog, I am sorry!

Today I want to share some tips for your nurture sequence. A quick recap in case you are not sure what this is: It’s a sequence of emails all new subscribers will receive after they sign up to your newsletter. It could technically just be one welcome email, but you might want to expand it and put a bit more energy into really loving folks who have invited you into their inbox up, because that’s a huge sign of trust! read more…

A quick intro to Canva so you can create your own graphics

Hey friends,

as you may know I really love Canva as a design tool – it‘s often quicker than Photoshop and since it‘s a browser based tool, you can use it from anywhere. There is a free version which might serve you really well and if you upgrade, you can also upload your own fonts, share graphics with your team and resize designs super quickly.

Below is a video in which I am sharing my best tips and tricks – it‘s an introduction that will enable you to make a start designing your own graphics.  read more…

How to run webinars for free with Google live

Hey friends, running my webinars for the DIY Summer School through Google live has worked really well, so I wanted to take you behind the scenes and show you how you can do the same. It`s free which is great as most webinar providers cost anything from 50-200 USD.

Let me know if you have any questions!

read more…

On building community around your business or how I almost doubled my list

Have you ever checked your newsletter stats and got annoyed with the fact that running a business can often feel like a weird game of random numbers, opening rates and click throughs? When I did b-school in 2015 I already had a few years in online marketing as an employee under my belt, but I had SO MUCH to learn about the practical aspects of running a one woman show. I needed to make things work super fast and I knew that conversion rates were, at least for a while, the main thing I needed to focus on to pay the bills. read more…

7 powerful things to do when business is slow over the summer

Hey babes,

summer last year was a bit of a dip for my business – it felt hard to sign on larger projects and my income as well as my confidence took a hit. This year I really wanted to start preparing early, be proactive and make sure that anxiety wont get the best of me. There are plenty of people who need a new website, hand holding or whatever it is that you are offering in the summer, we just have to find them.

But just in case you find yourself having some unexpected downtime I wanted to write a list of things I am doing or planning to do to ease the admin load, work on the long-term strategy and make passive income magic happen! read more…

The tools I am using to run my business and how I am keeping them under 130 USD/month

I always think its interesting to see what other people are doing to organise themselves, automate their processes and make their lives easier, so I wanted to share what tools I am currently using and how they compare to my set up at the beginning. I totally believe you can shoestring it while starting out (and I wrote about more free tools here), but I also believe in spending some cash on comfort and ease!

read more…

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