Questioning Social Media

A class to help you gain independence from social media & find other ways to share your work

For the first few years of building my business I really believed that I had to be on every single platform, respond to all my DMs and create valuable content every day. At the height of my instagram usage in 2019 I was spending an average of ten hours a week on the instagram app. Wild, I know!

I’ve since deleted all my accounts, let go of my smartphone and found other ways to share my work.

In this class I am sharing what I learned, for example:

  • How I got intentional about the time I spent online
  • What I realised when I looked at my stats and questioned how effective my instagram presence really was
  • Why I believe creative collaborations are a beautiful, sustainable alternative
  • What I wish I had known when I started out and thought social media was a “free” way to grow my business
  • How I made an exit plan

This class is not about converting you! If you are happy on social media, that’s great. This short and sweet 45min video offers you a glimpse behind the scenes of my business, a lot of food for thought and some deep dive journaling prompts.

My hope is that it will help you define your goals and boundaries and create a roadmap

towards growth and abundance on your own terms. 

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