A free virtual summer

retreat to uplift your business

Do you want to dive deeper into your business visions in a group of like minded people, receive valuable tips  and make great stuff happen? Then join us for a free virtual weekend of small business magic. 

Here is what we’ll do together: 

  • Set clear intentions and map out our next steps towards sweet business milestones
  • Get to know each other and feel less alone on the path
  • Get creative, brainstorm, meditate and listen to our intuition
  • Spend some time quietly co-working together to make sure we’re actually implementing all the new ideas

This virtual weekend retreat is free, live and interactive on July 24th & 25th

Hi, I’m Yarrow. 

For the past six years I’ve helped thousands of small business owners start and build beautiful small businesses that are meaningful and fun to work in. I love designing websites that are authentic, easy to manage and great at connecting you with your ideal client. Tech, design and strategy don’t have to be hard – let me show you some fun and easy tricks that will make the journey so much easier.

I hope my podcast and the other free resources I share will inspire you to listen to your intuition and create a business that really works for you!


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